Jun 12, 2014

Masking Tape, Crayons and Watercolors

When I wanted my students to make a really colorful and layered journal pages, I kept coming back to crayon rubbings and watercolor paint. It’s still one of my favorite combinations.
1. Tear blue masking tape into strips to make them thin with jagged edges. Apply them to a spread of journal pages to spell out “A-R-T”. Press down well.
2. Place a plastic embroidery mesh under the page and color heavily with several crayons.
3. Remove blue tape carefully.
4. Paint over all the art with watercolor paint. Add accents lines and shadows where desired.


Judy Chan said...

Thanks for sharing this idea. I have done masking tape with paint on canvas with 4 YO. Delightful results.

Anonymous said...

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