Jun 3, 2014

Tempera and Oil Pastel Dad Card

I think that just like crayons make watercolor look better, oil pastels make tempera paint look better. The bright thick colors you can place on the soft painted backgrounds just can’t be beat.
1. Cut 17" x 11" card stock paper in half the long way, and fold to make a Z fold.
2. Students draw block DAD letters inside each square with a pencil.
3. Tempera paints are used to paint solid colors inside and out.
4. When the paint is dry, patterns are added over the top with oil pastels. The finished card may be displayed as shown below:


Sara at school said...

This is really nice - and you could do it with all kinds of words! Thanks for sharing!

April Goodness n Mercy said...

I love handmade cards and this is perfect for my kids to make for Father's Day. Thanks for the great idea!

Elisana said...

what an awesome card! I think it would be a lovely gift to my kids teachers, to have their innitial painted/decorated on a little canvas. What kind of paint would you reccomend for canvas?