Jun 27, 2014

Leonardo Line Drawing Template

I had so much fun last fall with my Van Gogh and Mona Lisa templates that I thought I’d try another one. This is the face of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, minus the hair, clothing and background. I love the contrast of the soft Renaissance skin and black and white lines. My drawing was made with a fine point Sharpie first, then filled in with an ultra fine point. You can download my pdf template HERE. Feel free to share any masterpieces you end up making!


Ruthanne said...

These are SO coooool! Love them!

AVENA NUEZ said...

Hola vengo de la Fiesta de Lola, Me gusta tu trabajo, precioso. Te felicito y te sigo. Si gusta puedes visitarme en http://ventanasdescrapbook.blogspot.com/

Marci said...

I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing all of your creative and wonderful ideas.