Jun 17, 2014

How to Draw a Goose

I have a range of ages in my afterschool painting class. But even if you don’t, chances are there is a range in abilities that is nice to address if you can. I like to find projects like this, where the new artist can just concentrate on the placement of the shapes, and the more experienced can add some shadows.
1. Download the free pdf tutorial HERE. Students follow the diagrams to make their pencil drawing.
2. The lines are traced with a black Sharpie marker. The goose edges are traced with a chisel tip Sharpie marker.
3. The art is painted with tempera paint. I like using the cake variety that you can order online.
4. If desired, the black paint is watered down to make a gray to paint the shadows.


JanettMarie said...

Love this, thanks!
I have a few kids that may want to try this goose!

lavina agarwal said...

Beautiful. .thanks for sharing