May 17, 2014

Tissue Paper Collage Boxes

These are just old Mac keyboard boxes, with tissue paper collaged on top. What I learned, aside from the fact that white boxes make great canvases, is that the narrow format created layouts that were much more creative than what I had even sampled for students.
WEEK ONE: Students chose one tissue paper color for a background, and applied torn pieces with watery glue to the box. Gentle dabbing was needed so the paper didn't tear.
WEEK TWO: Students cut shapes from tissue and glued down with a product called "Collage Pauge". It both acted as a glue and gloss for the finished art.
OPTIONAL: Black duct tape could be wrapped around the outside edges to create a more finished look.


Barbara said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Grade ONEderful

gretchen buwalda said...

I agree, the narrow format is interesting. Children's art tends to be traditional in it's shape. I also love the collage pauge, it leaves a luscious coat. Thanks Kathy.

anne said...

Love this - any ideas on how to get these boxes? Thanks!

Kathy Barbro said...

I wonder if an Apple store would ever have any of these? I may ask myself the next time I go there. Plan B could be foam core. You can get some pretty thick these days.

Nermine Ayman said...