May 25, 2014

Paper Mache Ice Cream Cone, Part 1

The structure of this cone comes from a terra cotta planter and crumbled sheets of thin aluminum foil. The weight of the planter makes a great base and the foil crumbles so much better than newspaper. I can’t wait to see this painted in yummy ice cream colors!
1. Mache strips of newpaper over a terra cotta planter. Mine cost just $1 at Michaels.
2. Crumble sheets of foil to make a ball. (I used the precut sheets for sandwiches from Smart & Final.) Keep layering sheets until the size is right. Mache newspaper around it and repeat for more scoops and a cherry.


Cassie Stephens said...

Thank you!! doing this next school year, love it!!

Amaco said...

What a fun project! I'd love to post this (and the follow up part 2)on the AMACO Crafts Facebook page and link back to your site.

We are always looking for teachers who might be interested in supplying projects and/or project videos for our website. If you are interested please contact me - we are happy to provide free goods for your efforts!

Kathy Barbro said...

Thanks Amaco, I am pretty proud of this project myself as it seems to be pretty successful for all age groups. I’d love to learn more about supplying projects. I can be reached at kbarbro(at)

atiyya said...

oh there we go. I will try this. thank you for sharing.