May 3, 2014

Music for the Art Room

My favorite app for choosing art room music has long been It’s a free download and they let you choose music by way of categories, including “Mood”. I realized this week that I was overlooking an easy way to enhance my art projects. In this case, it was the Picasso-style Blues Self Portrait. I started to choose my usual “Mellow” music, but decided to try out the “Sad” category. There I found a subcategory of “Classical for Sobbing”. It was perfect! Lovely, sad, classical opera played while students painted away. They seemed to be more attentive to what they were hearing, and I had fun teasing them they weren’t allowed to cry in class.

For the future, wouldn’t it be lovely to listen to a “Relaxing Mountain Stream” while painting a nature landscape? Or the sounds of birds on “In a Quiet Park” while painting a bird? It’s rather funny when you realize you are limiting yourself for no real reason. I’d love to hear if anyone else comes up with great project / music matches.

Note: I have no affiliation with Songza, it just seems to work well for me.


Hope Hunter Knight said...

Great tip - I hope it will be available for me at school - all the music streaming I've tried so far has been blocked!

Elisa Santambrogio said...

Thanks Kathy, good idea! greetings from Italy ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Michelle said...

Music is an integral part of two of my classes. For my Spotlight on Famous Artists, I use music of the time of the artist we're studying, and during my Art Around the World class, we listen to music from the country. I use Grooveshark, where you can search for specific types of music, and download them to use offline, or stream them live on a WiFi connection.