Apr 30, 2014

How to Draw a Dandelion

I wanted to use new gel pens in my art journal class, and some dandelion doodles got me experimenting. The trick is to draw them in a very orderly and symmetrical manner. I think my step-by-step process shown above will help even the young draw very round and delicate flowers.
1. Start with a light pencil circle drawing, possible from tracing a bottle or jar. Mine is 2" diam.
2. Using a pen, follow the steps shown above.
3. When complete, erase the circle guide line.


Pattie Moss said...

OOOOH I LOVE these. I wonder if my little 2nd graders could do these. They look so delicate and pretty. I love your blog. It is wonderful!

kathy n said...

these are wonderful! thanks for the idea!!