Feb 12, 2014


It’s called, “Use What You Got.” I keep relearning the idea that most kids don’t crave the latest, shiniest craft supplies, they just want to make stuff. Even if it’s just taking old stuff to make new stuff.
Supplies: empty liquid watercolor bottles, sock, batting, felt, doll hair or yarn, googly eyes, markers, craft glue, hot glue and gun.
1. I pre-painted the necks of the bottles with white acrylic paint. Students took an old sock, cut it off before the heal, and stuffed half of it with batting. The neck was tied off, and the remaining end stuffed into the bottle. I used hot glue to seal the neck.
2. A rectangle of felt was wrapped around the bottle and glued.
3. Doll hair was glued to the head, along with googly eyes. Markers were used to make the rest of the face.
4. Accessories were made, such as decorations for the body, paper jewelry and hat. Love it when I get a new project and clean out my art closet too!


Anonymous said...

Did you use hot glue to glue everything or did the kids use white glue or something else to glue the hair, eyes,accessories?

Kathy Barbro said...

I used hot glue for the neck. The kids used craft glue for everything else. Aleene's brand is good, it's really thick.