Feb 3, 2014

Hearts & Trees

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright told his students, “Limits are an artist’s best friend.” That’s because they force us to find answers we might not otherwise have discovered.
1. Students are to draw a picture with only one tree, one simple hill, and hearts that may be any size, and any place on the picture. No sun, no clouds, no flowers – just a tree on a hill with as few or many hearts as they wish.
2. After the drawing is complete, the students use a black Sharpie to trace all the lines.
3. Lastly, the art is colored in, any color, any combination. I was amazed at the variety the kids came up with; no two were even closely alike.

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Melanie Thomas said...

Awesome, I love your site. Lots of good art ideas for kids. I'll see if my 3 yr old would like to attempt this. If she does and it looks half decent, I'll post it on my blog at http://www.homeschoolingyourpreschooler.com