Feb 5, 2014

A Glossy Finish

I learned long ago the value of adding a final gloss to paper mache projects, it makes everything look good. I’ve tried sprays and brush on mediums, but my favorite is a rather new one called Collage Pauge. This is not a paid endorsement, I just think the product does a great job. It is safe, glides on better than others, and never dries cloudy. An $8 bottle finished off about 20 bowls today, not bad!

This bowl was made by Neariah, grade 4. She has come to every one of my afterschool classes since kindergarten, and just gets better and better every year. This bowl is amazing!


Phyl said...

A couple of questions: what did you use as the armature for building the bowl? And was it painted first with tempera or acrylic? If it was tempera, how did you keep it from smearing when you painted on the gloss? I do a lot of papier-mâché and am always curious as to other's procedures. The bowl is great, by the way!

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Phyl,
I followed the steps shown in this post:

I used balloons to get started, then added a cardboard circle for the base. The final mache layer was with white paper towels. This made the paint (acrylic, Michaels store brand) look a lot brighter and added some thickness to the sides too. Hope that helps!