Jan 27, 2014

How to Draw a T-Rex

I’ve met many a kinder that is more knowledgeable about dinosaurs than I, so I thought it was time to paint one in my afterschool watercolor class. This T-Rex is a cross between the super simple cartoon versions, and the super detailed real-life animals. The print friendly pdf file may be downloaded HERE.


Irene @ FindAuPair said...

It seemed very difficult to draw a dinosaur before I found your friendly file :) Now I have to say that it doesn't seem that difficult. Thanks!

Jillien Minera said...

you're the best!

Jane Hastings said...

Love this, I'm teaching an after school Dino Roar! class and this will be so helpful. I might make a pattern for the body/head shape, just to help some of my younger students along. Your blog site and posts are so helpful,teacher friendly and supportive, thank you thank you