Jan 26, 2014

Cardboard Wall Hanging

Here’s my afterschool Cardboard Crafts project from last week. I like the natural look, but some of my students couldn’t resist the urge to add some color with crayons, and colored tape.
1. Cut an 8" square of corrugated cardboard.
2. Cut sixteen 2" squares from rolls of ribbed packing cardboard. Glue to the back in rotating fashion with craft glue.
3. Cut ten 1" rings from paper towel rolls. Glue sides together as shown with craft glue.
4. Glue large flower to background.
5. Cut strips from cardboard and glue around edge to make a border.


nadzim bakri said...

this is interesting
Your huge fan of art form Malaysia :)

anastasia anezinis said...

very nise!
looks easy...is it?

The Messy Artist said...

ooh, we love art projects from recycled materials - especially ones as eye-catching as this one! Thanks for posting.