Jan 12, 2014

2014 Journal: PDF Lesson 5 and 6

Here are the final two elements, Value and Texture. I used plastic netting for my sample, but rubbing and gluing down real leaves would be fun and colorful too. The two pages shown above may be downloaded HERE.


JVH said...

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing so much! You have changed how I teach art. (I wasn't very good at it before I found you!)

Montana 2nd Grade Teacher

Kathy Barbro said...

Thank you Jessica. It actually took me some time too, to realize these building blocks are important. I just needed to find a fun approach, and I hope I'm right about these. :)

Psylova said...

Thank you for these. I homeschool my children and am certainly no artist! I will use these in our art time. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your site. Thank you for helping this classroom teacher really teach "art". Your ideas and technique lessons - especially the art journal - are incredible. My students will be learning much about art this year! Thank you!
3rd grade teacher