Dec 27, 2013

How to Draw a Horse

Students often ask me how to draw a horse, and I have yet to find a book or internet example that seems appropriate for elementary age students. Most of my kids find it tricky to make many overlapping shapes with multiple erasings. I simplified this horse to just include its outline, and then a bit of overlapping with the mane. A print friendly PDF of this tutorial may be downloaded HERE.


Timi said...

Thank you!!! My daughter loves horses very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
Nice of you to show us easy ways to draw,
From Christine in Italy xx

Cindy deRosier said...

A great tutorial for the Year of the Horse! We've featured it at Fun Family Crafts. You can see it here:

Thanks for sharing!

Anudari Oidovsuren said...

Thank you so much. It is so useful for kids.
Greetings from Mongolia :)