Dec 9, 2013

How to Draw an Elf

Need an elf to go with your Santa drawing? Here’s a pretty cute little guy to draw (which could easily be turned into a girl, by the way.) To download my printer-friendly pdf file, click HERE. My sample above was colored with Twistable Crayola crayons. They seem to have a little more color than the paper Crayola crayons for some reason. All I know is that my kids like them, and I do too.


Kara S said...

thank you Kathy for the FABULOUS Christmas drawing instructions-I work with K-8 and we are having much fun!

Anne said...

I just wanted to thank you. I have no experience with drawing but as my kids get older and better/ready for drawing, I really want to give them that opportunity. Your "How to Draw" posts are perfect for us!!! I think I'm having as much fun as my son. Thanks!!