Dec 8, 2013

Diya’s Snowman Painting

A little birdie recently shared this cute painting with me, created by a young Canadian girl named Diya. I believe Diya took my idea of drawing a snowman with a long carrot nose, and added a full moon for him to look at on a snowy winter night. It’s such a sweet composition that I wanted to share it with everyone. Keep on painting Diya, you are very talented and you never know where your art might take you!


Diya said...

Hi Kathy

Thank you so much for posting my painting. You just made my day....thank you do much. I love your paintings and try to paint like you

Lots of love Diya

Kathy Barbro said...

You are welcome Diya, I love this painting. I am pretty sure I could not paint this well when I was your age. I wish you many happy hours of making art for the new year!

Take care,