Sep 7, 2013

Kinder Art: Overlapping Circles

I think I finally understand that early kinders are best off with just exploring with the process of art making, without any specific results. This is a simple two week project that can be fun, no matter what the final art looks like.
WEEK ONE: Students used a plastic cup and watered down tempera paint to stamp circles on a sheet of white paper. Overlapping was encouraged. When finished, students moved to a clean table and used circle templates to draw faces, wheels, flowers – anything made from a circle.
WEEK TWO: Students colored in the circles with crayons. My example showed them how to overlap colors, but just coloring inside the shape was a good first step too.

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Lucia Sasaki said...

HI Kathy, thanks a lot for showing these steps of making art with little kids. And you are right: they don't need to have any goal to achieve, it is enough making art as a pleasure. Only the Good Lord knows how much pressure they will endure when they grow up.
Thanks for sharing!!