Aug 12, 2013

ATCs and Line Art – FREE Template

This exercise is to take a color photo and create a world around it using only a thin black marker. After all, if a drawing looks interesting before it even has any color, you’re on your way to a really nice work of art. To shortcut the magazine process, I’ve found these free images online and have created a blank template HERE for those without access to make their own.
1. Print out a sheet for each student, preferably on card stock or good drawing paper.
2. Challenge students to create a detailed world in each. Pencil is good to start, then trace with pen.
3. I use a paper cutter to cut the cards out after students are done. It’s easier to draw on the larger format.
4. Slide all the cards in a trading card sleeve, which you can find online or even at Staples.
NOTE: As much as I love line art, it always seems to bring out the worst with super-speedy kids. They rush and then wonder why their art doesn’t look as interesting as the others. I don’t always have time to do this, but I when I can, I make a sample that shows what fast, and “I’m done!’ looks like, versus lots of lots of concentration.


Anonymous said...

Grate idea! You are awsame!!!

librarian4 said...

This is a wonderful idea. I am going to have to figure out how to incorporate this into a library lesson!

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant Kathy! I've done a similar project a number of times, but I love your contrast of colour and B&W. The template is also VERY helpful! Your rushed and carefully done samples are also an excellent tool.
Thanks for another great idea.

Ruthanne said...

These are wonderful! Thank you for ANOTHER great idea!

Amy P. said...

My kids really enjoyed these and I'd like to make more. Could you share the site where you got the original photos?

Thanks for all of the great stuff you share with us all!
Amy Pollock

Kathy Barbro said...

Sure, I found this newspaper that photographed a bunch of animals on white backgrounds. There's lots more at:

Kathy Barbro said...

Please note that I took a screen shot of the animals and then cropped them down. Macs can do that, not sure about PCs.

asiamarysia said...

Super! I will use this idea with my kids. Thanks!

Cherry Workshop said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!

Thank you so much for this idea! It's not only a great kids project but it also looks so nice a decoration! <3

Anonymous said...

You can also get TONS of free photo clip art on Microsoft's website. If you go to and look for downloads / clipart, you will be overwhelmed with styff. It's a great little project; thanks for sharing it!