Jul 26, 2013

Van Gogh FREE Head Template

Vincent Van Gogh is famous for painting with a thick heavy texture. One way for students the appreciate all the visual movement this created is to imitate the look just using lines. You can download my Van Gogh head template HERE, which includes a finished version of the painting on page two for reference. 
1. Print out a page for each student. They first draw the outline of the body and sections of waves in pencil.
2. The main lines are traced with a thick black marker.
3. Wavy lines are added to the inside with a thin black marker.

Here’s another option for older students, who might enjoy adding patterns to their line art:


ike said...

Oh, that's a pretty cool idea... I might have a go at that :-)
Thank you.

Ike x

Lucy Chen said...

Isn't this fun??? I just shared it on my Facebook page

modernhomeschoolblog said...

I love your site! As a relatively new homeschooling mom with an 8 year old who would do nothing but art if I let her, I think this site is going to come in extremely handy :) Thanks for sharing.