May 15, 2013

Ancient Greek Urn

I actually ran out of drawing paper recently and tried out this food wrap (dry wax paper) that was left over from an old project. It makes for a very “breezy” painting that looks very delicate.
1. Students fold their 12" x 12" food wrap paper in half and crease. With a pencil, they could draw half of a large vase, preferably using up as much of the paper as possible. When complete, they traced it with a large, chisel-tip black Sharpie. With the paper still folded, they turned it over to see the lines showing through and traced again. When complete, the opened vase drawing should be symmetrical.
2. Students filled in their vases with decorations of the country, with either figures or plants. I asked them to draw lots of images, trace them carefully with the black Sharpie. Once completed, the negative space around them could be filled in black.
3. When the vase was all colored in, gold tempera paint was spread over the entire vase, but not the background. I had thirty 5th graders do this in 45 minutes, all with really bold and shimmery finishes.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Kathy,
Just to let you know that I have borrowed directly from your "Butterflies from Central Asia" post for a project I have just completed with a group of people with dementia with VERY varied levels of functioning. I had absolutely no time for preparation, and was desperate for an idea that would allow for each to participate at their own level, and that I was confident I could pull together for a successful outcome. Thank heavens for you!
Thank you, thank you , thank you :)Elizabeth

Kathy Barbro said...

Thank you Elizabeth, you are so very welcome. You obviously had a lot to do with your project turning out so well – it's beautiful!