Apr 1, 2013

Native American Totem Pole Coloring Page

This week I’m going to be making a totem pole with some lucky 3rd graders using old coffee cans, brown packing paper and paper mache. I wanted to get them familiar with Native American imagery, so I made this coloring page as a composite from photos I found on the web. You can download a copy HERE. If you print it on brown kraft paper that is sold at Michaels and JoAnns, it will lend an earthy look to the art.
Note: A follow up post for this project is posted HERE.


Shanna said...

I have been saving cans for the same purpose!! I was thinking about having them paint them but your idea sounds so much better!! I would love to know how you are going to do this. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas, I visit your blog daily!

Eva Marina said...

This is great, thank you so much for sharing. Your blog is always so inspiring.

Devonte joseph said...

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