Mar 17, 2013

My Cre8time Project Progresses

I love the #Cre8time movement that just asks people to slow down a little bit and add a little creative activity to their everyday lives. For me, it means finally adding my own art to my work space. That blank wall that’s been bugging me for so long is about to be filled, yay! I’m fortunate to have Michaels sponsor this project, so I chose to make a Starry Night mural on their stretched canvas, using brush tip Sharpie markers. I’ve just finished coloring my panels, and will apply them to the canvas tomorrow. Below you can see that I taped my dry wax paper to my printed panels, and then colored them with the markers. Tomorrow I’ll cut them out and apply to the canvas with watery glue. You can bet there will be photos of the finished art.


Gail "Kayak Sue" Burek said...

I love Van Gogh. Is this project using your outline piece that you sell for the base? I'd like to try it, but maybe on a smaller scale.

Kathy Barbro said...

Yes, I traced my Starry Night mural. Had to adjust for a more limited color palette with the markers, but I don't think it lost much in the translation.