Mar 18, 2013

My Cre8time Project Completed

I did it! I took time out of my busy schedule to make something just for me. My finished mural is mounted on a 48" x 36" stretched canvas mural from Michaels, and will soon live over my computer at home. I really enjoyed keeping things simple this time, and coloring one of my favorite murals already on hand, but now I'm thinking it might be fun to revert to my art school days and make something completely original. Hmmm, that’s something I haven’t done since college, don’t ask me why. Thank you #Cre8time and Michaels for getting new ideas planted!


bmfreewebb said...

How did you attach the panels? I just did a similar project with my son's Pre-K class and I'm not sure how to attach them to the canvas. Thanks!

Kathy Barbro said...

I used watered down white glue. But it's important that you are coloring on dry wax paper as anything else will get wrinkly.