Mar 8, 2013

Marker Portrait

I made this childhood portrait of my sister awhile back, using Sharpie markers on dry wax paper, adhered to popsicle sticks with watery glue. I’m really posting it now though as an excuse to wish her a happy birthday today. She can craft, cook, garden, wallpaper, build and farm like nobodies business, so my hat goes off to her on her special day. Happy Birthday Karen!


Jane said...

Kathy, I mentioned you in my blog post today and linked to your cardinals in the snow. Hope that's okay. Here's the link to my post:

It's Piper Loves the Library .
~ jane

mylien said...

Hi Kathy,

You often mention in your blog that you use sharpies.

1. With that many sharpies - don't the fumes bother you and the kids.

2. Are you buying sharpies in bulk? It seems that you would be going though them rather quickly, and if so who do you purchase them from?

Thank you for all the great ideas.

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Jane, thanks for the link. I'm glad you like the cardinals.

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Mylien,

That's a good question about the markers, but I haven't had any problem with the smell. As for purchasing, I like to buy the black fine tip ones at Costco, and the brush tip ones at Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What is dry wax paper?

Kathy Barbro said...

It's used to wrap food, but it's different than regular wax paper. I get mine at Smart & Final, but you can order it from Amazon :