Mar 13, 2013

Flying Kites Journal Page

I just did this art journal page with my afterschool class today and loved how it turned out. Some of the first graders even wrote goodbye messages to their fly away kites. Too cute!
1. Paint two journal pages with light blue watercolor paint. Dab with paper towel to speed up drying process.
2. Cut out at least 3 clouds from heavy white paper. Glue to pages with a glue stick.
3. Cut out as many diamond shaped kites as possible from patterned paper. If you use the Strathmore Art Journal Kits, patterned paper is included. Arrange and glue them to the pages with a glue stick.
4. Draw matching tails on the kites with a crayon. Have fun adding a message about windy days, and let your words float all over the page!


librarian4 said...

i havent written before but have been following your blog for a little while. thanks for the fantastic ideas . i dont teach art at all but i journal my self and have loved art forever i am a librarian and am trying to figure a way of incorperating art into a program at the library(very small school and public library rolled into one).

Anonymous said...

We did this at this community center for low-income kids and it was great. thanks so much for posting this! here are some of the things they wrote:
"i like windy days because you can fly kites"
"I am the only one, Help"
"Thank you Mom for everything you have done for me. thank you and i love you."
"I hate glue"