Mar 23, 2013

April Fool’s Eye Glasses

These glasses are pretty much guaranteed to create lots of giggles. Just be sure that children don't try to do much more than pose in them.
1. Follow this link (eyeglass template) to download a template I've posted for the glass frames. Print out copies on the heaviest paper stock available. Give each student a set and have them cut out all 3 pieces, including the inside of the frames. Tape sides to the front. The students decorate the frame with colored pencils or markers.
2. I found some stock photo images of eyes, and made lots of color copies for the students to pick from. Another option is to have realistic drawings of different eye shapes, and let the students choose and color their favorite, or they could draw their own. Either way, the eyes and skin need to be colored, and then cut out and glued behind the eyeglass openings.I have posted a pdf of the eye photos I used HERE. If you don’t have a color printer, laser prints that are hand colored might work well too.


Elizabeth Anderson said...

A fun project!

Monstruito said...

So funny glasses
Thanks for sharing, Kathy.


Jennifer said...

Hi, I would love to know about how long this took in a class. I wish you would post that information in your blog posts. SUCH a cute, fun idea!!

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi Jennifer,
I did this project quite awhile ago with a private class, but recall that everyone easily finished within the hour that was allowed. That's why I was able to take pictures, which I am so happy I did.