Feb 26, 2013

Sea Turtle Painting

A sea turtle drawing I spied over at istock.com had the perfect combination of realistic (flipper feet, patterned shell) and fun (eyelashes and smile) features, so I turned him into today’s watercolor project.
1. Start by drawing the top curve of the shell, then add the rim below. Add a curved head and face, and flipper / paddle feet below. Trace all the lines with a black permanent marker.
2. Draw house shapes along the bottom of the shell with a crayon. Draw a line up from the top of each “house”. Add lines inside the rim. Draw water lines and bubbles around the turtle with a white crayon.
3. Paint the turtle and water. This painting was made with Dick Blick Liquid Watercolor Paint, specifically Green and Turquoise Blue.
Thanks once again to talented Ryan, a kinder, who painted this cute turtle today.


Brooke said...

Perfect timing....next week is "T" week in our homeschool, and I have a liquid watercolor order on its way to my house that should be here by then. I absolutely love the inspiration I get from your blog. Thanks for another great idea!

thefisherlady said...

very sweet turtle project!

how to draw a turtle step by step said...

Nice turtle drawing Project. With a use of watercolors turtle is made so well.You have explained drawing with steps that add more easiness to it. A kid can easily try this after seeing this drawing:)

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Anonymous said...

The author Michael Patrick O'Neil just visited our school, if you haven't had the chance check out his children's books and AMAZING underwater photography. We are going to make these turtles and send them to him as a thank you! Thanks for the great idea!!