Feb 15, 2013

Michaels’ Sponsored Kindness Art Party

Today was the day for my Michaels’ sponsored “Act of Kindess” Art Party, and it was a really sweet way to end the week. Mrs. Fenton’s 3rd grade class welcomed Mr. Thomsen’s special ed class to my room for an hour of making new art, new friends, and enjoying some juice and cookies too.

Students used brush Sharpie Markers on canvas panels to make little miniature paintings. It’s easy, colorful, and flexible for all levels of ability. And when I brought out little wooden easels for display, the kids kept asking, “Do we really get to keep these?” So cute!

I loved this little party, and was reminded again of how much fun it is to be creative with friends and classmates around you. Thank you to Michaels for wanting to share more of this with the world. Each of Mrs. Fenton’s students has now been asked to pay this “Kindness Party” forward this weekend, so who knows what might result?


Kristina Bant Jenkins said...

Thank you so much Ms. Barbro!! It was such a wonderful party, a really kind gesture, and all the kids were so wonderful!! Charlie really enjoyed it!

Kathy Barbro said...

Thanks Kristina,

I really loved that afternoon too, and I'm so glad that Charlie liked it.

Take care,