Feb 1, 2013

Kimono Drawing

Studying the art culture from other countries offers a a new perspective on common items such as clothing.
1. I made t-shaped cardboard templates for the students so they could start with straight lines. Mine measured about 10" wide x 15" tall. Have the students trace the templates onto white 12" x 18" paper. The sides of the kimono are added next, and then some details (see diagram).
2. Students look at sample photos of kimonos and and then draw their own. After it has been designed in pencil, they trace all the lines with a black marker.
3. Oil pastels are used to color in their designs. Students may want to cut out their kimono and mount to another paper to get rid of any smudges.

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Kari said...

This was very satisfying for my second-grader. She drew it on a blank greeting card. This project was part of our home study of the book GRANDFATHER'S JOURNEY by Allen Say. Thank you, Kari in Texas