Feb 16, 2013

Geometric to Organic Shapes

This is a fun and easy project that shows how you can turn geometric shapes into organic ones.
1. Fill a sheet of paper with triangles, circles, and squares. I liked using cardboard stencils as straight lines really help show the transition of geometric to organic. Important note: leave some white space, do not fill in the entire paper.
2. After the pencil shapes are drawn, they are colored in with a NON-permanent, waterbase marker. This is the time to use those cheap store markers as you actually will be wanting the colors to bleed.
3. Use a small cup of water to drop several puddles on their artwork with a brush or dropper. If you pick up the paper and roll the water around a bit, it should start to make lots of colored streaks and blobs. Repeat this until almost all of the artwork is filled with wiggly colored lines. Let dry overnight.
4. Now comes the fun part. Take a thin black Sharpie and tracing all the organic shapes that were made from the running water. Work slowly to trace all the wonderful edges, both inside and outside the colored shapes. The more time you put into the tracing, the better the artwork will look.


Anonymous said...

When doing this activity, are the shapes supposed to overlap when drawing them initially?

Kathy Barbro said...

Good question. I did overlap mine, but I'm don't think that will make or break the project.

Nikki Paxton said...

Just found your site for the first time today. My kids are going to enter a Young Artists Showcase and I was looking for projects for them to try to inspire some great art work. They don't have much of an art program at their school due to budget cuts so this is really nice to have such quality projects to do with them. They produce really well when I come to them with tricks and techniques versus just handing them a sheet of paper and saying draw or paint something. Thanks for the great project ideas!