Feb 2, 2013

Birthday Cake Collage

This is the image that started it all. I was volunteering in my son’s 2nd grade class and two students went off to a corner to make a birthday card for a friend. I turned around to see this, and my view of what kids can create has never been the same since.
Distribute standard paper for a background, and divide up colorful collage papers into groups for the students to work with. The cut and glue shapes to the background as needed. (I found a high end stationary store that was willing to donate their damaged imported papers to me.) This art came out of a class that was working with a Valentine Card theme, but a birthday card was needed for a missing student and voila!


Meghan said...

This is awesome!

Simran said...

I just came upon your blog and absolutely LOVE it! My son is 3 and loves doing art projects… he also loves molding birthday cakes out of playdough and having pretend parties at home. So this will be fabulous… we can even make cards out of this.