Jan 10, 2013

Robert Indiana LOVE Letters

This project ties to a contemporary pop artist and makes a nice Valentine card too. Robert Indiana made a famous sculpture in the sixties that came to symbolize the peace movement. 
PREP: I started with my school’s diecutter and made about a dozen of each letter cut out of chipboard. I cut 9" squares of drawing paper to go with the 3" tall letters.
1. Students fold the paper in half both ways to make 4 equal squares. Following the diagram, show the students how to first trace each chipboard letter in the center of each square.
2. Next, they move the letter up and to the right a bit and trace again. When complete, the front letter needs to have all the lines inside it erased.
3. All the corners are connected. The remaining letters are to be repeated in the same manner. The letter “O” is a bit of an exception as there are no corners, so only curved lines need to be drawn.
4. Lines are traced with a black marker and the letters and backgrounds are colored. If students color with medium pressure on the letter fronts, and then press hard to make shadows on the sides, their block letters will look even more 3D.


Art on my hands said...

I did a very similar project to this last February. I called it Robert Indiana meets Jim Dine. We created the "Love" layout similar,to,yours and made the circle in the "o" a heart in the style of Jim Dine. The project was really enjoyed by all my students and we learned about two different artist. The results were rely beautiful. The 3d letters incorporated the use of value

Anonymous said...

Did this with my son, he loved it!!!!