Jan 30, 2013

Mini Van Gogh Painting

Who does sunflowers better than Vincent Van Gogh? This was made by just coloring directly on mini canvases that you can find at Aaron Bros. and Michaels. Use Sharpie Brush Tip markers and add extra layers to make shadows in the petals. I sprayed mine with a quick drying gloss for extra shine, and I was good to go with my Van Gogh Mini Me.


Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE post!
I may have to try this with my students!

mylien said...

I love it- simple yet high impact.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty

What type of paint did you use -- or did you just use the markers?

Katie Waller said...

I love the little canvases! May have to try this with my grandkiddies or for myself! :)
Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!