Jan 27, 2013

Floral Painting at Michaels

Guess what I made last night, at my local Michaels store in Encino? My very first floral painting! The company generously let me try one of their on-site classes, and so I found myself with a great teacher with years of painting experience on one very creative Saturday evening. Edith Merlescu was full of passionate advice on how to make acrylic paints do what they do best, and so after practicing some strokes and sponging a background, I worked on making the biggest, boldest sunflowers you ever saw. I don’t think I’ll be confused with Monet any time soon, but it was fun trying. Thank you Michaels and thank you Edith!


Mrs. P, Art Explorer said...

Hi Kathy! I, too, tried the painting classes at Michael's and had a great time! My instructor was also very experienced and easy-going about subject matter and technique. Even though I had an art degree, I learned so much. It was great to get out and be the student again and engage my brain in a different way. I highly recommend it. It's also good if you can share the supplies with a friend (buy your own brushes though). That makes the class a little more affordable. See my post on my experience at: http://createartwithme.blogspot.com/2012/03/class-for-memoms-night-out.html thanks for posting! Mrs. P

Helen said...

Kathy, you are the backbone of my homeschooling art lessons here in England - thank you! I would be very honoured if you (and anyone else reading this) would choose a colour for my Social Knitwork Scarf: http://camberwellcrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/social-knitwork-scarf-2013-please.html
We are doing some work on Vincent Can Gogh at the moment - big sunflowers here we come!