Jan 6, 2013

Divided Heart

Layering oil pastels to make smooth gradations takes practice. This project will let students do just that.
1. Starting with a square paper, students draw a large heart in the middle, and then use a ruler to draw at least four lines completely across the paper.
2. Using smooth oil pastels, like my favorite Portfolio® brand, students color in the heart and background with just one color each. Because of the transparent nature of my pastels, I could still my pencil lines when I was finished.
3. Students use a gray pastel to color a shadow over half of each blue background section. On the opposite side, a white pastel is used to make a tint on the remaining side. This process was repeated randomly to all the background sections, and then to all the red sections.


Terri Thompson said...

Very pretty! My 5-yr-old daughter & I tried a few of your drawing tutorials over the weekend (rose, Valentine bear, pug)and had a blast! They were easy to follow and our pictures turned out great. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Love this, no pun! Just wondering what Color the original background was? Thank you for all your great ideas. I use many of them in my room. M

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi, thanks, it was sky blue, and the gray was added on top.

Ann and Erica said...

Kathy, I have a quick question about the shadow. I see that gray was chosen for the shadow on the light blue background. What color was chosen for the heart shadow, and how did you choose it? Thanks!

Kathy Barbro said...

Hi, I did that art so long ago I am trying to remember as best I can. I think it's a light purple over the red heart, and some pink overall to blend the edges.