Jan 21, 2013

Big Face Painting Tutorial

It’s natural for young artists to draw small, so directing them to touch the edge of the paper really opens things up. This formula will work with all kinds of media, and creates a lot of big spaces that are easily colored or painted.
1. Draw a nose line in the middle of the paper, make it as long as your finger. Read more.


Sue Marrazzo said...

This reminds me of Paul Klee. So BOLD and Bright. thanks for the post!

Baby Supplies said...

What a good idea!Its a nice things that can be done by our kids.Here is the great steps are made for painting.Thanx..

Jo Blaker said...

Its so true that children will draw to a small scale, but once you get them to work larger - wow, as your example shows it makes a *huge* difference! Just discovered your blog and looking forward to more great posts! :)