Dec 15, 2012

My Mother’s Christmas Present

I’m hoping my mom doesn’t mind me sharing her Christmas present before she opens it up. I adore this photo of my parents taken moments after they were married back in 1957. 
1. These miniature canvases (2"x4", 3"x3") and easels are available at Aaron Brothers stores and jerrysartarama online. One way to use them is to apply color printed photos with Mod Podge. I first brushed it on the canvas and the back of the photo. After applying the photo to the canvas, I added more on top to smooth things out. Let dry.
2. I painted Pearl White paint to the edges, using a very dry brush.


Phyllis said...

That is a great wedding photo. I am sure that is a present that will be cherished.

laurakatherin said...

What a great gift! Was the photo printed on copy paper or photo paper?

Kathy Barbro said...

I'm glad you asked, I tried both and the thicker Epson paper worked great, and the thinner copy paper was fuzzy and insisted on wrinkling. Go with the good stuff if you can.

smkyqtzxtl said...

I love it! You mother will too! Thankis for a great idea as well:)