Dec 2, 2012

Canvas Art from MiDesign at Michaels

I love my Van Gogh canvas art I just got from MiDesign at Michaels. I expect most people use this new service for family photos, but I thought it might be great for kids artwork too. My finished art measures 16" square and costs about $55 + tax and shipping right now if you use their 40% off promo code, 45CANVAS40. Aside from special holiday gifts, I'm also thinking how great this would be for class mural fundraisers. 

Here's some technical tips for those that are interested:
• The overall measurement of the art should be square.
• I started with 16" square art and resolution of 150dpi. I added an extra inch around the outside for wrapping around the sides, which made the final 18" x 18".

The MiDesign site helps you try out your art and even preview exactly the way it is going to look before you pay for it. Now I just have to figure out where to hang my masterpiece. Thanks Michaels!


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jesse said...

That's great artwork from your kids, really great. I've seen worse art in art galleries.

Makes a great canvas print too! :)