Dec 18, 2012

Angel Self Portraits

This was my art project for older kids at my school this year – little angel self portraits. I think we can never spend too much time honoring the innocence of our children.
1. Children used a metallic marker to write their favorite thoughts about the upcoming holidays on a sheet of black paper. Black scrapbook paper will work better than just construction paper, if you can afford it.
2. They drew themselves on a piece of colored paper, traced in black and colored with colored pencils. Cutting themselves out, they were to leave a little extra paper around the edge so that all of the black lines stayed intact.
3. Placing their bodies on another sheet of paper, they drew wings to fit the body. The lines were also traced in black, cut and glued to the back of the body.
4. Finally, the angel was glued to the black paper. 

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leslie concannon said...

I just wanted to tell you I love your art projects. Your nutcrackers inspired me. Out kids were dancing like nutcrackers so we drew them and decorated the auditorium.
I also adapted your turkey (but playdoh)for our last day before turkey day.
I guess I can't send you a picture on the comments