Dec 8, 2012

Kassidy’s Snow Bear Tutorial

Click HERE for a step-by-step Snow Bear tutorial. Snow tip: Paint blue circles first and then fill in the background for delicate looking snowflakes (eliminates any pencil lines). Have fun!


Denise Livingston said...

Did this with my 9 year old today and it turned out awesome! Thanks for the project!

Kari said...

This was so satisfying to my 7, 10, and 13 year old. They painted on blank greeting card cardstock. We love our bears so much we have been displaying them before sending them in the mail. All ages of the children were able to easily follow the tutorial as a group. I used a blow dryer to dry paint between colors to avoid mixing across lines. The 10 year old went on to replicate the drawing repeatedly. Thank you for good instructions that lead to pleasing experiences and happy, happy art.