Dec 23, 2012

“How To Draw” for the Road...

If you are traveling for the holidays, try downloading Intuition first, the super organizing mom app that includes 6 of my “How To Draw” lessons. Keep a pad of paper and pencil near your smart phone and your kids can practice drawing some fun holiday projects while they wait to get where they are going. Look for info about my Drawing Contest where your child can win a $100 Michaels gift card!
1. Go to and download the free app.

2. Tap on Mom’s Toolkit at the bottom and look for “Art Projects.”

3. Choose one of the 6 holiday drawing projects (more to come!).

4. Scroll through the directions and draw on a sheet of paper at your own pace. Have fun!

1 comment:

Rina said...

Very cool! Nice to have drawing tutorials on an app!