Dec 5, 2012

Gouache Snowman

I may be one of the last art teachers to discover the pleasures of working with gouache pan paints, but so be it. I like them so much better than tempera paints – they lay down without any blobs, and there's no waste (as in over squirting on paper plates). 
1. I started by reading “The Biggest, Best Snowman” which has a great description of making a real snowman. 
2. Students drew a large circle, topped with a medium, and then a small one for the snowman’s head. Details such as the hat, face and arms were added with a pencil. 
3. All the lines were traced with a thick permanent marker like the chisel-tipped black Sharpie
4. The sky and ground were painted with gouache paints. My current supply is discontinued, but these Watercolor Gouache paints would probably do very well. What I love is that the pan tablets makes painting very easy for one teacher working with 25 or so young students. All they need is their pan paints, a brush and some water and they are on their way. Easy peasy!

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