Nov 24, 2012

Close Cropped Snowman

Drawing closeup and cropping out what is unnecessary can make just about any artwork more interesting. Many students tend to draw really small with lots of extra space. If you are trying for dynamic images for special uses like greeting cards, this approach will make a big difference.
1. Students may use a ruler to trace a border around the edge of a sheet of black paper.
2. An old CD works great as a template for the bottom circle. They should place it so that only 2/3 or so is on the paper and trace. A smaller circle is drawn centered above.  Lastly, add the face, hat, scarf, arms and buttons and horizon line.
3. A black pastel is used to trace the all the pencil lines, pressing hard so that the line was easily visible. All the shapes are filled in with pastels, taking care to color around the black lines.

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Anonymous said...

I used this lesson with my 4th grade art class and it turned out great. I made a template for the border and traced it ahead of time with a white pencil. The kids loved the oil pastels and the colors really popped out from the black background. I received many compliments from teachers and parents alike.