Nov 7, 2012

Chalk Pastel Fall Landscape

This kind of loose, simple landscape lets chalk pastels do what they do best – make smudgy, soft colorful shapes.
1. Starting with an orange or yellow sheet of construction paper, students draw a horizon line a quarter of the way down the paper with chalk.
2. Three round circles for the trees are drawn and filled in with fall colors. Rubbing with fingers softens the shapes.
3. The background sky is colored and blended in.
4. A dark brown or black chalk is used to draw the tree trunks over the sky
5. The ground is filled in with three layers of chalk color, blended often to soften the edges.


mom2h said...

Pretty new avatar, Ms. Kathy! I am going to try this chalk pastel project with my son TODAY. Thanks for the continued inspiration! Keep up the good work.
We are thankful for Ms. Kathy and her willingness to share her creativity on her blog.
mom2h in AR

Bethikinz said...

I did this project earlier in the fall with adults who have developmental disabilities. It difficult to find projects that are age appropriate, but still aren't very technically difficult. This fit the bill. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the art turned out beautiful. Thank you.