Oct 26, 2012

Printed Pumpkins

I introduced my kinders last week to their first printmaking project. Learning how to draw different expressions on the faces, like those in the famous “Five Little Pumpkins” book, added to the fun.
1. Students use a paper towel or toilet paper roll, dip the end in a pool of black tempera paint, and print as many black circles as they can on a sheet of drawing paper. Let dry.
2. Faces are drawn in each circle with a Sharpie marker. Happy, scared, surprised ... the book has clear examples of each.
3. The pumpkins are colored in with crayon, and the background filled as well.


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

A fun way to combine cartooning, printing and fall/Halloween! Actually this would be a great activity to do with children with autistic spectrum disorder - it requires you to explicitly look at facial features to read emotion. Great!!

my two hopeful wings said...

Kathy, I am just so thankful to have found your blog! You have so many great ideas on here!

Donna in Idaho said...

Kathy, this was one of my kids' favorite projects -- from ages 7, 10, 13, and 15! After we did the pumpkin faces, all four of them made several more sheets with the circles, and then did all sorts of cartoon-y faces, including Angry Bird heads. :) Almost a year later, and they will still make a pile of "circle head paper" to draw on during read-aloud time. Thanks so much for all of your creative ideas! Donna in Idaho