Oct 18, 2012

Mosaic Tape Pumpkin

This is basically my Mosaic Michaels Pumpkin project applied to paper. But rather than make a picture that just goes in a folder, students decorated the front of a folded cardstock paper with writing paper inside so they could have a “Halloween Journal.”
1. Black cardstock paper like this Recollections brand from Michaels makes this project work. It’s black and smooth and even allows for repositioning. Fold in half and staple a few sheets inside with a long stapler.
2. Paper tape is cut into pieces and arranged into shapes or patterns on the cover.
This art was made by a 3rd grader. Thanks for letting me share your art, Arman!


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I just love the variety of pumpkin projects you guys seem to come up with! One concept, and seemingly limitless variations, all great!! In Queensland Australia (were I live) we don't have fall, we don't have halloween, and a pumpkin is just another vegetable :) But I am getting so many ideas that can be adapted to suit my needs - you have my sincere thanks!!! :)

Kathy Barbro said...

You're welcome Elizabeth, I always appreciate your kind feedback.