Oct 31, 2012

Mosaic Rainbow

My creative curiosity has been peaked with a recent discovery of colored paper tape. It really makes any type of mosaic work a slam dunk, with no messy glue.
1. Beginning with 1" green tape, cut strips into squares and line up across the bottom of a sheet of black paper.
2. Use purple tape squares to make the inside curve of the rainbow.
3. Continue adding rows of blue, light green, yellow, orange and red.
4. Finish off with rows of light blue for the sky. 


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Wow, I'll have to look out for this product. Where do you buy it - art shop? Hardware? It has quite a lot of potential applications ...

Ismail N said...

It's a great idea - a way to introduce the kids to the world of mosaic art without needing any real mosaic, and obviously not as difficult as painting or quilting a mosaic pattern. I would never have thought of that, even if I had the tape in hand. Thanks for sharing.:D

GSGreatEscaper said...

Why not teach them to cut trapezoids to make the tight curves? Learning opportunity! Math is so relevant to art! Plus it takes more time which is good!!!