Mar 6, 2012

Koi Fish Painting

 It’s fun to change your point of view sometimes, like looking down on fish instead of across at them. 
1. Students started with drawing the fish body on the right, then the one on the left.
2. Tails and eyes were added.
3. Fins were added on the sides, along with some curvy weeds.
4. All pencil lines were traced with crayon. Any spots on the fish were colored in, as well as the inside of the leaves. Lines for bubbles were drawn with a white crayon.
5. Students painted the fish with Orange liquid watercolor paint, and the background with Turquoise blue. I love the Dick Blick brand, but there’s probably lots of good ones out there.


Anonymous said...

This looks lovely

Anonymous said...

awesome- Your drawing instructions are so fabulous- you should publish a book with the whole compilation

Life Interlaced said...

I am so happy I discovered your blog! You have great ideas that I can use at my library programs!


Miss said...

Another fab how-to-draw lesson- thanks for sharing! This will go great with my Art of Japan unit!

Didi (Dioncia) Von Bargen-Miles said...

Love Love Love your site- I have drawn inspiration from it several times over the last two years since becoming an art docent at my kids' school.

This Koi fish project was such a hit this week- the 4th graders ROCKED it. We'll be using this piece as their art walk presentation next week because it looks so sharp! I used it as a tie in for Asian-Pacific Island Heritage month as Koi are featured so prominantly in much of the artwork for the Asian culture. we are mounting on tangerince card stock and will be displayed on black for a huge impact.

Great project- thank you!

Anonymous said...

Do you always use watercolor paper for lessons involving watercolors? If not, what other type of paper do you use? Thanks.