Dec 16, 2011

Gingerbread House Marker Drawing

Ask kids to draw a house made out of candy and their imaginations can can take off pretty fast.
1. I had students start their drawing with the top edge of the roof, and then the curvy “drippy” edge below. The sides of the the house were added, and then the bottom. Rounded windows and doors were recommended for that old fashioned look. Gumdrops, candy canes and lollipops could be added.
2. The pencil drawing was traced with a black marker and filled in with lots of color. I found that Sharpie markers work best for details, and chisel tip Mr. Sketch markers are great for the background.
This drawing was made by Neariah, an amazing artist in 2nd grade. Thanks for letting me share your art!


Grade ONEderful said...

Oh so pretty. I'll have to save it for next year:)
Grade ONEderful

Jane LaFazio said...

candy! a great theme for the kids.